ICT student textbook/What is the nature of ICT level 3

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ICT student textbook
Educational applications for learning your subjects level 2 learning check list What is the nature of ICT level 3 The machine is using us


  1. Understanding that the Internet is changing the way we live; and is becoming prominent in our society
  2. Appreciating that connecting is an important aspect of ICT and how peer learning is possible with ICT
  3. Understanding that internet is a place for self learning and exploring
  4. Understanding the safe and ethical use of internet

Digital skills

  1. Accessing the internet and browsing the web (understanding the difference between the two)
  2. Downloading information and organizing
  3. Identifying license information and using downloaded information appropriately
  4. Using safety tips while browsing
  5. Using emails to communicate

Your learning outputs

  1. You will develop a text document with a list of websites that you have accessed
  2. You will develop a concept map on what you intend to research on the internet
  3. Your concept map will lead to a text document with links to useful websites accessed along with a summary of the information on the site
  4. A short reflection on the role of technology and society and how students should interact with it - this can be in the form of a presentation or a text document with graphics
  5. Print (into to a file) copies of email conversations with your friends


  1. Activity 1 - Getting to know the internet
  2. Activity 2 - The global digital library
  3. Activity 3 - I have a new address