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  1. Agenda of the workshop
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Workshop handouts

  1. TE Plan guidelines handout, from DSERT
  2. NCFTE
  3. Animal Story
  4. Research/studies about DIET functioning - DIETs: Chamaraja Nagar DIET project - Potential and Possibilities Kannada, English

Technology for connecting and learning - Individual and Institutional Learning

  1. What is Internet and Accessing_Internet
  2. Create personal digital library -Using Internet
  3. Understanding importance of Email communication
  4. Understanding virtual forums as a method of sharing and learning
  5. Learn to participate in virtual forums using email
  6. List of useful android applications for your smart phones
  7. Becoming members of the Karnataka Teacher Educators Mailing list
  8. Becoming members of the Subject Teacher Forum, for subject of interest/work

Technology for creating and sharing - Resource creation and sharing by DIETs

  1. Digital resource creation using text editor
  2. Karnatka Open Educational Resources
  3. DIET wiki
  4. Schoolwiki
  5. Creating Digital resource for subject teaching learning with ICT
    1. Maths- Geogebra
    2. Digital story telling, Example GHS Ejipura,Bangalore South

Technology for Planning and Management

  1. DIET Digital Resource Centre for storing and sharing, using Google drive
  2. DIET TEACHER TRAINING using | Google form

Workshop resources

Resources created during the workshop, during discussions etc

  1. What is internet - It is a network of computers, some are servers – serve with information
    1. Hardware – Deha - CPU Monitor Keyboard Mouse
    2. Software – Jeeva – Computer program (instructions)
  2. Programs learnt
    1. Web browser - to go to internet – internet explorer, firefox, chrome
    2. Search engine - google search engine = give you address (vilas) postman
    3. LibreOFFICE Writer (microsoft word) – text editor (patya sampadana)

What is internet

It is a network of computers, some are servers – serve with information

Hardware – Deha - CPU Monitor Keyboard Mouse Software – Jeeva – Computer program (instructions)

Programs learnt 1. Web browser - to go to internet – Firefox, Google Chrome 2. Search engine - Google search engine = give you address (Vilasa) Postman 3.LibreOffice Writer (Microsoft Word) – text editor (Patya Sampadana)

Encyclopedia – 60 lakhs, 20 thousand. and Te.wikipedia for English, Kannada, Urdu and Telugu wikipedias

Hands-on for PDL (in Kannada)

  1. Open web browser
  2. Search koer
  3. Go to workshop page
  4. Open personal digital library link
  5. Download the odt
  6. Open browser
  7. Change typing option to kannada itrans (if you know nudi type kgp)
  8. Search in Kannada
  9. Open a Webpage from the search results
  10. Ctrl a + ctrl c+ ctrl v – copy the weblink/ link/ address into the document
  11. Write a two-sentence description of the link
  12. Save the web page offline
  13. Save your text document – ctrl s
  14. Identify one image
  15. Right click and save image (make sure it is in your resource folder)
  16. Insert into document
  17. Save the document

For each file – we have separate program

  1. File file name program
  2. Text file - .DOC, .ODT Libreoffice writer, Microsoft Word
  3. Photo/image .JPEG .PNG Photoshop, GIMP
  4. Music .MP3, .WAV VLC player
  5. Video .MPEG4, .OGV VLC player
  6. Mindmap .MM Freemind
  7. Spreadsheet .XLS, .ODS Libreoffice calc, excel
  8. Presentation .PPT, .ODP Libreoffice impress, powerpoint
  9. Web page .HTML Firefox

Division NCFTE reading and presentation

  1. NCFTE Chapters 1 to 6.
  2. Day 2 - Chapter 1. Mysuru division- Smt. Bharathi, Mandya DIET Principal
  3. Day 3 - Chapter 2,3 and 4. Belgavi division- Mohan Pundalik Jiragihal. Benglauru division.Sri Sudhakar,Chitradurga and Sri G.S.Prabhu Swamy, Shimoga DIET Principal.
  4. Day 4 - Chapter 5 and 6. Kalburgi division. Sri Sreenivas Reddy, Bellary and Sri Mallikarjunaswamy, Raichur
  5. NCFTE resource created for and during the workshop, presenting the book as a mindmap

Workshop Photos

Workshop photos

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Principal Photos

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Way forward

Each DIET Selected ONE PROJECT From following

  1. Work planning and monitoring (Google calendar)
  2. Information management and resource centre (Google drive)
  3. Teacher training information management (Google form)
  4. DIET institutional community of practice (Telegram)
  5. DIET Institutional Information sharing and publishing (DIET WIKI)

See Action Items sheet for DIET projects.

Participant Feedback

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