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ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ನೋಡಿ

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Class 11 topics

Limits Sets Linear Programming

Class 10 topics

Real Numbers Sets Progressions
Permutations And Combinations Probability Statistics
Surds Polynomials Quadratic Equations
Similar Triangles Pythogoras Theorem Trigonometry
Geometry Circles Chord Properties Circles Tangent Properties
Mensuration Graphs and Polyhedra Co-ordinate geometry

Class 9 topics

Square Root Number Systems Surds
Sets Statistics Banking
Compound Interest Hire Purchase and Installment Buying Ratio and Proportion
Polynomials Factorisation HCF and LCM
Division Simultaneous Linear Equations Variation
Polygons Quadrilaterals Theorems and problems on parallelograms
Circles Concurrency in triangles Mensuration
Introduction to Euclid's Geometry Lines and Angles Surface Areas and Volumes
Area of parallelograms and triangles Coordinate Geometry Triangles
Constructions Heron's Formula Probability

Class 8 topics

Playing With Numbers Squares,Square-Roots,Cubes And Cube-Roots Rational Numbers Commercial Arithmetic
Statistics Algebraic Expressions Factorisation Linear Equations In One Variable
Exponents Introduction To Graphs Axioms,Postulates And Theorems Theorems On Triangles
Congruency Of Triangles Construction Of Triangles Quardilaterals Mensuration

Class 6 and 7

Number Systems Lines and Angles Fraction
Introduction to 2D and 3D shapes Exponents Triangles

More topics

Introduction to Algebra Basic Geometry Fraction
Number Systems Circles Graph Theory
Polygons Probability,Permutations and Combinations Triangles