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ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ನೋಡಿ

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Class 10 topics

Alternate Sources of Energy Environmental issues Periodic Classification of Elements
Silicon Green Plants and Chordates Plant and Animal Tissues
Microbial Diseases Types of Motion Heat Engines
Nuclear Energy Industrial Inorganic Chemistry Carbon and Its Compounds
Industrial Inorganic Chemistry Sound Metals
Electromagnetic Induction Electronics Behaviour of Gases
Plants and Animal Breeding Control and Coordination in Plants and Animals Heredity
Ionic Conduction The Story of Humans Space Science

More topics

The Living World Materials How Things Work
Food Microbes And Man Environmental
Life Processes Reproduction And Heredity Motion
Energy,Work And Force Space Science Evolution Of Life
test Hydrocarbons Environmental Problems
Sources of Energy

Class 9 topics

Natural Resources Food Heat
Classification of living organisms Nature of Light The world of microbes
Biogeochemical cycles Properties of Matter Excretion in Animals
Lens Synthetic Materials Life Processes
Chemicals in our daily life Cell Division Reproduction in Animals
Optical Instruments Circular Motion Electronic Configuration
Chemical Bonding Electromagnetic Radiation Basics of computer
Gravitation Photoelectric Effect and LASER Electricity
Evolution of Life Radioactivity The Sun
Matter in our surroundings Is matter around us pure Atoms and molecules
Structure of the atom The fundamental unit of life Tissues
Diversity in living organisms Motion Force and laws of motion
Work and Energy Sound Why do we fall ill
Improvement in food resources

More topics

Electromagnetism Energy Light Measurement Organisms
Reproduction in Plants

Class 8 topics

Our Natural resources Study of Our environment Structure of atom
More about atom Study of cells Classification of Living Organisms
The World Of Microbes Describing motion Force and Newton's law of motion
Energy and its forms Chemical reactions and their types Chemicals in Our daily life-1
Chemicals in Our daily life-2 World of sounds Heat
States of Matter Our Colourful World Food and its Constituents
Digestion and Respiration Reproduction in Higher Plants Communication Gadgets
Food Production-soil and water manage Evolution of Life Beyond the earth
Water Nutrition and Respiration Communication gadgets
Atoms and Molecules

More topics

The Living World Materials How Things Work
Food Microbes And Man Environmental Science
Life Processes Reproduction And Heredity Motion
Energy, Work And Force Space And Science Evolution Of Life