Cascade District Workshops for Mathematics 2014-15

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ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ನೊಡಿ

District Cascade Mathematics STF Workshops 2014-15

  1. District wise information on total targets (number of schools and number of batches for Mathematics) and Nodal officer information is available here
  2. District wise MRPs contact information is available here

Focus areas for the Mathematics District Cascade Workshops

The STF programme will work with ICT Phase 3 school teachers and the focus of this year's MATHS STF District workshops will be to:

  1. Build the computer literacy skills for teachers
  2. Learning to use Geogebra for creating simulations in Algebra and Geometry
  3. How to use the internet as a learning resource - to create a resource library for my use and for the classroom and build digital resource libraries
  4. Use emails, MathsScience Subject Mailing Forum to communicate
  5. Access the Karnataka Open Educational Resources and Contribute. Understand how resources are organized on KOER and share feedback and activities
  6. Develop digital literacy skills - email, internet search and downloading, using image editor and text editor

DIET Nodal Officer responsibilities

  1. DIET Nodal Officer to enter Batch information on Day 1 of workshop. This information can be viewed on this link
  2. DIET Nodal Officer to enter the DIET feedback from the workshop on Day 5 of workshop. This information can be viewed on this link
  3. Please email for support during training. Or call Ashok Pujari Sir (Cell 9972562108) or Seema Kauser Madam (Cell 9900416630), if urgent
  4. The DIET Nodal Officer and RP should read the DSERT guidelines and ensure ICT Lab is in full working condition
  5. Since STF-KOER requires Internet, ensure Internet availability, with minimum 4 Mbps connection
  6. Enough computers to allow 1:1 computer:teacher ratio.
  7. The training labs should have the NEW Ubuntu version 14.04 installed on them see installation process here
  8. To allow for adequate practice, the batch size should be kept to 20-25 based on number of working computers.

Resource person checklist

During the workshop, the resource persons must transact the agenda with any changes as needed. The following activities must be completed:

  1. Practising sending and receiving emails
    1. Creation of gmail IDs for all teachers without email ids.
    2. Teachers should practice to send emails by sending to They cannot see these mails in their own inbox.
    3. They need to see it on the website of the groups here.
  2. Creation of a document for organizing their own resource library
  3. Sharing web links and other digital resources to the forum
  4. Familiarization with the KOER resource website and identifying resources to be added
  5. Submission of one activity to KOER through Contribute button
  6. Updating district training details on the district pages District Pages Table. This includes
    1. Day wise workshop report
    2. Uploading workshop photographs on Picasa
  7. On Day 5, addition of email address to the maths science forum click here. You can click here, to visit the googlegroups page to add members.
  8. On Day 5, Participant Feedback Form is to be filled by participants

District Training Hand-outs


  1. Detailed Agenda - Googledoc link
  2. Detailed Agenda - Download Agenda as Spreadsheet

Day 1

  1. Subject Teacher Forum
  2. Ubuntu
  3. Libre-Office typing
  4. Internet-1
  5. Internet-2
  6. NCERT Mathematics Text Books
  7. Resource library handout
  8. KOER Useful Websites
  9. See classroom resources in Topics Box

Day 2-3

  1. Creating Gmail id and sending emails
  2. Add to Cascade Training Group for email practice
  3. Adding_email_id_to_googlegroups
  4. Learning Mind mapping
  5. How to use Freemind
  6. Emailing
  7. Geogebra tutorials

Day 4

  1. Uploading on Picasa
  2. KOER - Introduction
  3. Mathematics Pages
    1. For Question papers and CCE activities please click here
    2. For solved problems please click here
    3. For additional resources and teaching activities click below:
      1. Permutations and Combinations
      2. Progressions
      3. Graphs And Polyhedra
      4. Probability
      5. Polynomials
      6. Circles Chord Properties
      7. Circles Tangent Properties
      8. Sets
      9. Similar Triangles
      10. Activity for Co-ordinate Geometry
      11. Mensuration
      12. Trigonometry
      13. Concurrency in triangles
      14. Simultaneous_Linear_Equations
      15. Circles
      16. Quadrilaterals
      17. More

Day 5

  1. Participant feedback form MUST be filled by ALL participants on Day5. This is a compulsory activity
  2. View Participant feedback
  3. DIET Nodal Officer to enter the DIET feedback from the workshop on Day 5 of workshop. This information can be viewed on this link

Activities AFTER the workshop

Please check your MathsScience Subject Mailing Forum mails daily Please visit KOER regularly and also Contribute

District workshop reports and photos

Click on district in table below to see the Subject Teacher / Head Teacher Forum district workshops reports and photos,

Bangalore Division Bangalore Urban Bangalore Rural Chikkballapur Chitradurga Davanagere Kolar Ramanagara Shimoga Tumkur – Madhugiri
Belgaum Division Bagalkote Belgaum Bijapur Dharwad Gadag Haveri Uttara Kannada
KALBURGI Division Bellary Bidar Kalburgi Koppala Raichur Yadgir
Mysore Division Chamarajanagara Chikmagalur Dakshina Kannada Hassan Kodagu Mandya Mysore Udupi