ICT student textbook/Educational applications for learning your subjects level 3

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ICT student textbook
Audio visual communication level 3 learning check list Educational applications for learning your subjects level 3 The globe on your table with Marble

In 'Educational software applications', at level 3, we will learn Marble for understanding more about physical geography. We will continue our work with Geogebra for learning mathematics. In level 3, you will also learn how to create animations with Geogebra. In this level, you will also be introduced to learn science with technology tools like simulations.


  1. Geography - Marble
    1. Playing with the globe
    2. Precipitation, weather and climate
    3. Local weather and climate patterns
  2. Mathematics - Geogebra
    1. Explore maths with Geogebra 3
    2. Learning about quadrilateral properties
    3. How to make Geogebra dynamic?
  3. Science - PhET
    1. Learning science with different technology tools