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Information on 2013-14 workshops

The Subject Teacher Forum district training programme district-wise details of schools and number of batches are available here. Click on the link STF Cascade District Workshops 2013-14 for agenda, handouts and forms for district cascade programme.

Month wise listing of STF-KOER workshops, including access to workshop resources/hand-outs, curricular resources created etc.

March 2014

Web based workshop was conducted for all districts DIET/CTE faculties. it was conducted in Bangalore, Dharwad and Gulbarga. More details about these workshop are available in the below links.

  1. DIET/CTE Web based Workshop-III Bangalore-Mysore Division
  2. DIET/CTE Web based Workshop-III Gulbarga Division
  3. DIET/CTE Web based Workshop-III Dharwad Division

February 2014

The third workshop for KOER Resource Persons was held in February. The focus of this workshop was to review the work, reflect on the experiences and plan for way forward for next year. The detailed concept note and agenda is available here.

  1. Science,
  2. Social Science
  3. Mathematics.
  4. The list of resource persons for these workshops can be accessed here.

December 2013

  1. Gulbarga Division DIET/CTE Web Based workshop December 2013
  2. Head Teacher Forum Workshop, December-2013, Rural DIET Bangalore

November 2013

  1. DIET Web based training / COP Workshop Dharwad DIET November 11-15
  2. STF Batch-1, Second workshop for SS 7-9, Bangalore Rural DIET
  3. SS Batch-2 STF Workshop Nov 25-30, Bangalore Rural DIET

October 2013

  1. HTF workshop , Bangalore Rural DIET
  2. Web based training 21-25, Bangalore Rural DIET

September 2013

  1. STF Batch-1, Second workshop for Maths 2-4, Bangalore Rural DIET
  2. STF Batch-1, First workshop for Social Science 10-14, Bangalore Rural DIET
  3. STF Batch-2, for Science 16-21, Bangalore Rural DIET
  4. Gulbarga Division DIET/CTE faculty Web based workshop 17-21, DIET Gulbarga (Kamalapur)
  5. STF Batch-2, for Mathematics 23-28, Bangalore Rural DIET

August 2013

  1. STF Batch-1, Second workshop for Science 29-31, Bangalore Rural DIET

July 2013

  1. Workshop for DIET Dharwad on ICTs - Hardware and basic ICT literacy 1-3, Dharwad DIET
  2. STF Batch-1, First workshop for Science 16-20, Bangalore Rural DIET
  3. STF Batch-1, First workshop for Mathematics 23-27, Bangalore Rural DIET

June 2013

  1. Teacher Education Events DIET COP KOER Workshop June 2013 in Bangalore and Dharwad

Workshops for CTE/DIET Faculty